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Discord Jack

A Raspberry Pi that transmits your TV's audio into Discord.

On Github: https://github.com/chandwki/Discord-Jack

I live with five other gamers and computer geeks. We all have our computers set up in a finished basement that we call the "LAN Cave". I mounted a TV on the wall so that we could chromecast movies or shows when we are down in the cave.

The problem was that not everyone always wanted to hear the TV if they were trying to work. If someone was gaming with their noise canceling headphones on the TV would have to be turned up really loud for them to hear it. I solved this problem with a Raspberry Pi, a USB sound card (with stereo audio capture), and a simple discord bot.

The discord bot, Discord-Jack on github, requires Node 8 and uses discord.js and mic. Because this app requires Node 8 a newer ARMv7 or ARMv8 Raspberry Pi is required such as the Pi 2 or 3. I used a "Griffin Technology iMic USB Audio Interface" because it works out of the box with the Raspberry Pi and does stereo audio capture which you don't get with some of the cheaper USB sound cards.

It works surprisingly well. The sound quality is good. My biggest concern was latency. If you are really paying attention to people's lips you might notice a slight delay. However, because Discord is meant for near real time communication, the latency really isn't too bad for watching stuff in the background.

Playing PUBG in the LAN cave. Watching @vivalabad_ on twitch.

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